Texas Documentation Handbook, 5th Edition w/ CD

Texas Documentation Handbook, 5th Edition w/ CDTXDocBook_Cvr_5thEd_web_final

by Frank R. Kemerer and John A. Crain

Item # 01-0026

ISBN: 1424306809

193 pages, paperback (w/CD), 10.7 x 8.3


Price: $48.50


The Fifth Edition of the widely used Texas Documentation Handbook is now available. Building on the strengths of prior editions dating back almost 20 years, the latest version of this user-friendly desktop guide provides up-to-date information and illustrations of how to go about improving the performance of teachers and other personnel or, failing that, to prepare for a negative employment recommendation.Features of the Fifth Edition:

  • Updated discussion of the legal framework within which documentation of all Texas public school employees takes place
  • Basic principles of effective documentation of both professional and auxiliary personnel
  • Supervisory styles to use with marginally effective teachers
  • Expanded and revised focused observation instruments for gathering data during classroom walk-through observations along with sample follow-up memoranda
  • New chapter on teacher professional communication including social networking through electronic communication devices
  • Expanded sample directives for changing teacher behavior, organized by PDAS domain
  • Discussion of developing improvement plans linking expected changes in teaching behavior to student performance
  • Appendices containing the new Code of Ethics, documentation forms, and templates ready for use
  • CD containing all the documentation forms ready for computer downloading and use included